We are live on Facebook once a month, on the first Saturday. Please join me, and the lovely “Ask The Milliner” community virtually in my studio for millinery tips, a look at materials, a technique or two, glimpses of hat collections, book recommendations,and more…

Suppliers List

HI There Friends,

You have been asking for a supply list , so here it is. it is by no means complete yet, stay tuned…

Fun Friday Millinery: Facebook Live July 10,2020
In which we begin our adventure in building an Elizabethan Whisk
and we look at my very favorite hat in my collection

Fun Friday Millinery: Facebook Live July3, 2020
In which we finish up that Fascinator

Fun Friday Millinery Episode 8: Facebook Live June 5, 2020

Fun Friday Millinery Episode 7: Facebook Live May 29,2020

Fun Friday Millinery Episode 6:   Facebook Live May 22

In which I take you though another way to cover a buckram hat; with a blocked tip and a bias sideband.

Fun Friday Millinery Episode 5 : Facebook live May 15

we are looking at how to cover a buckram foundation.

Facebook Live from May 1, 2020

Finishing up the boater and starting on a buckram fascinator.

Bear with me a bit at the start…i’m still learning😊

Facebook live from April 24,

we take the boater from the HTC episode and break it apart

Face Mask Video

Hi guys,

Are you making face masks for the healthcare pros who are taking care of us?  or the cleaning and security crews at the hospitals?  or maybe for your local grocery workers? Well, Great!!

I have been inspired by the pattern made by jessica.nandino for Instructables.com . You can find her excellent pattern and tutorial here:


I worked out a pattern, based on hers, and  developed a procedure for myself in order to speed up my productivity, and have been making them “factory  style” in batches of 12 -15 at a time.  That seems to be my speed.

Here is a video that I put together to illustrate my “No Pin Method”  (I use not pins at all!), Check it out .

Here is a shortened version illustrating how to sew the  top and bottom binding/ties:

Please note, that this mask is not intended to replace an N95 PPE, but it fits nicely over one and can be laundered.   I am using 2 layers of tightly woven 100% cotton fabric, with the lining fabric of a different color than the outer fabric.

I hope that you will consider sewing some for you family and maybe a few more to help your neighbors and friends.

Stay healthy my dears!

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