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A fun exploration of a covered buckram hat!

“Let’s Make ” A Magical Hat

A two-part Class in Zoom
October 22, & 23,2022 10 am – 1 pm EST

This class will be limited to 15 students
Advance your millinery skills, or begin anew in this workshop with Denise Wallace-Spriggs. Take a dive into working with buckram while making a fun Halloween-themed fashionable Witch’s Hat
We will look at some examples of pointed hats and discuss the unique challenges that making a hat with a cone shape can present. You will learn how to make the adjustments needed to make the basic pattern suit your desired style.
In this two-part class students will learn how to cut, shape, and wire buckram into the shape. We will cover the parts with fabric and discuss which types of fabrics will work for your desired effect. Denise will demonstrate hand stitching techniques as well as ways to use a sewing machine. Students can work along as she demonstrates how to use a paper pattern as a forming guide. We will also discuss determining yardage, edge wiring, assembling the parts, lining, and finishing techniques.
This workshop is in real-time with a live teacher.

Students will receive a tool and materials list, and a pdf pattern download to print and use as a sloper in the class. It will not be recorded.

  • Note: This is a demonstration with interaction, Students may need to finish their hats after the session.

What to expect

This class is suitable for Beginner to Advanced level students who are familiar with covered buckram techniques.

I will be teaching techniques that I use to make covered buckram hats. These techniques can then be used to make all sorts of hat shapes. Develop your millinery skills, or learn some new ones. Participants will gain an understanding of buckram, a traditional millinery foundation fabric. Students can work along, or watch and complete the steps at their leisure. They will work to finish the project after the class.

Some videos will be provided by the instructor as teaching tools

Tools and Supplies that you will need:

Buckram ( approx. 1 yard, but 1 1/2 would be safer if it is 36″ wide)
**Optional: Cotton Crinoline (tarlatan) approx. one yard, or another preferred mulling layer

Millinery Wire (instructor prefers gauge 19, but 18 will also work) approx. 1 1/2 yards

Fashion fabric- yardage similar to buckram requirement

millinery block or head form (styrofoam is ok)
push pins or T-pins
scotch tape in a weighted dispenser
Grosgrain, or Petersham ribbon for the head fitting band

lightweight interfacing (instructor prefers fusible tricot)
Hat Stretcher (optional)
Tape Measure

18′′ x 2′′ clear ruler
wonder clips are nice to have

Flat surface to work on

Strong thread
Sewing Needles
wire cutters
craft paper
paper and fabric scissors


lining fabric
pencils, markers adhesives:(optional) I like rubber cement or UHU glue best for these processes

“Let’s Make ” a Magical Hat

An Fun Exploration of the Covered Buckram Hat


Some Buckram suppliers:

Hats by Leko

has medium buckram in stock:

also has wires:

Burlap fabric has Heavy Buckram (Heavy is Recommended )

and Crinoline:

Timely Tresses has Heavy Buckram: